Listed Homes For Sale

53 Plymouth Road

1565 Ridge Road North

71 Anastasia Blvd

1393 Second Avenue
St. Catharines

11035 Lakeshore Road

52 Countryside Drive
St. Catharines

3865 Highland Drive – Sold

82 Richelieu Drive – Sold
St. Catharines

30 Royal Henley Blvd – Sold
St. Catharines

42 Royal Henley Blvd – Sold
St. Catharines

63 Christie Street – Sold
St. Catharines

Discover the Difference... a Great Team Makes!

The Hendriks Team of Niagara would appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you. They offer many years of real estate knowledge and experience as a guide to helping you achieve the results that you are looking for. And yes, if there are bumps or obstacles along the way they'll be sure to help you get through them. Jerry lives by his theory that "there is no such thing as a problem, only a situation in need of a solution". The end result is the Hendriks team's reward at the end of the day is a happy client who is confident that they have made the right choice.

If you want to put The Hendriks Team of Niagara to work for you feel free to contact us, or simply fill out this form and one of our representatives will contact you.

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