Get Your Home in Front of Buyers

How can you sell your home if no one knows it’s for sale?

Luckily, there are many marketing channels for getting your house listing in front of buyers’ eyes.
Your Realtor will have access to MLS, which exposes you to many potential buyers. MLS is a pivotal part of your Realtor’s overall plan to market your home, but it isn’t the only component.

Nail Your Asking Price

The most important element of your marketing plan is starting out with the right price.
If you start with too high of a price, it can diminish the effectiveness of your other marketing efforts.

Start with too low of a price and you could miss out on potential money or cause others to wonder what might be wrong with your house. Your best bet is to closely work with your Realtor to pick the price that will meet your sales objectives.

“For Sale” Signs Work Full Time

A FOR SALE sign is an extremely effective way to promote your house. It is on duty 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Many sellers might be hesitant to use a sign because they think that people will disturb them by constantly knocking on their door. Most buyers however do respect the seller’s privacy. Should someone knock on the door, politely refer them to your Realtor to set up an appointment.

Some sellers do not want their neighbours to know about the sale. This can be a mistake as your neighbours could be a big asset to your marketing attempts. Your neighbours could be a potential buyers, or they could be an excellent source of referrals to friends, co-workers or relatives that might be interested in moving in to your neighbourhood.
Your for sale sign is also a great way to advertise to people walking or driving by. If a passerby is interested in your house enough to call, you can be sure that they are already partially qualified since they have seen the property first-hand and are aware of its condition and the neighbourhood it’s in.

Open Your Home to Realtors with Buying Clients

Your Realtor may ask you to consider having an open house for other Realtors. Many of them are already working with buyers that may be interested in your property. These Realtors will look at your property with their buyers in mind and will act quickly if they feel they have a matching client.

Most Realtors prefer to see a property before showing it to their clients. This type of open house gives them that chance, as well as the chance to talk about the property with your Reatlor. Another advantage of this strategy is that it gives you a chance to get many professional opinions from other Realtors that can help you increase your home’s saleability.

Let Potential Buyers Take a Tour

A public open house can be a great way to reach buyers that otherwise might not have been aware of your home. Typically, your Realtor will hold an open house for a few hours on a specific Saturday or Sunday.
Your Realtor will suggest ways that you can make your house more appealing to the public. During the open house, it’s usually in your best interest to not be home for it. If you are, it could distract potential buyers and cause them to rush their visit to keep from disturbing you. They might also hesitate to speak freely when commenting on your house. This will make your Realtor’s job much harder since they will be unable to properly deal with any of their objections.

Take Advantage of Even More Marketing Tools

The Internet

The majority of Canadians looking for houses start with an online search. Your Realtor will be able to list your house with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). These listings are advertised on, Canada’s most popular search tool for residential real estate. On top of MLS, many brokerages and Realtors have their own websites.

Classified Ads

A photo and a brief description of your house placed in a newspaper that serves your market can go a long way. Your Realtor may also consider using special real estate magazines that feature a wide variety of houses for sale.


These are cards or brochures with your property details that get mailed out to neighbourhoods surrounding your area. They can also be sent to people that have homes on the market since they will likely be looking for another house to buy.

Realtor Contacts

Never underestimate the power of word of mouth advertising. Successful real estate agents are usually active members of the community and therefore have a wide network of contacts that may be interested in your home.

As you can see there are a number of ways to effectively advertise your house for sale to potential buyers. Partnering with a REALTOR, you will have access to a professional that has access to all of these great techniques, and that has the ability to put them to work for you.

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